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May 26, 2012

ECLIPSE: a graphics animation / music video created using basic C++ (graphics.h in dev cpp)

Hai guyz, finally I've completed creating the animation fully created with basic c++ graphics.. You can do more than this easily using any other tool, but creating the way i did is too hard and painful.. It took more than three weeks to complete. for this I've wrote some special purpose functions, "Path Wiggle","Boxer","bezier curve","Circular Array" etc.. that can be used in any other graphics works. I'm glad to share those functions as well as whole code with you.. I've got inspiration from Lon Lucin's Sperikal video on vimeo.

Project hosted on SourceForge:

Download Executable animation here: 1. Small size file (No Background Music):  Eclipse.exe  
                                                                  2. To play a sound as background music, just download above file and place your fav. music as "loop.wav" in "C:" drive and run the exe file.. Then screen capture it..


1. Bezier Curve:
               This function allows you to input three points and draw curves between them.. get it here: or here: |

2. Boxer: 
              This function draws wiggle lines inside a specified box boundary.. get it here: or |

3. Bresenham's Circle to array:
               This function creates a circle of  desired radius using bresenham's logic. but the highlight is that, it assigns the points to an array in the order for drawing a continues circle.. Get it at: or |

4. Circular: 
               This function allows you to create a simple circle from the basic equation of a circle.. Get here: or |

5. Perpendicular:
              This function allows you to calculate the two opposite points which lies at a perpendicular distance from the middle point of a line joining two given points.. CONFUSED??? :D just look this pic: 

Get it at:  or |

6. Path Wiggle: 
                 Path wiggle needs some of the above functions so you can find it inside the main eclipse code. Just look for  "void Wiggle(int x1,int y1,int x2,int y2,double d);"

7. Get the full ECLIPSE Code here:

here is the screenshots, just take a look..

scene #1
scene #
scene #3
scene #4
scene #5
scene #6
scene #7
scene #8
scene #9
scene #10
scene #11


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